Thursday, November 24, 2011


On 7th March 2011 I started to participate on Young Environmentalist trainees training which were conducted at MS – TCDC Usa – River Arusha. This program is funded by WWF. The program is of one year. It train youths to become change agents on Environmental conservation.

During the first module I learnt the main objective of YETs program that to become change agent of the grassroots community on Environmental issue. Team work spirit, spirit of volunteerism and government policies related to environment. These leanings opened my mind and I started to view environmental issued in a broad way. It made me to become eager on providing environmental conservation education to grassroots communities. During this module also I learnt on how to prepare and write good article. Through this learning I have managed to write eight articles and two success stories and one story (Hadithi). All articles addressing the issue based on Environmental conservation education and community life.

During this module I participated in field visit to Babati District and we interacted with grassroots communities to learn on how they face environmental degradation challenges. I learnt on how they practices community based forest management through participatory forest management. After learning this I was eager to spread this knowledge to my grassroots communities that surrounding Kiboriani forest reserve in Mpwapwa District.

On 9th May. 2011 we started second module of training. I learnt on importance of working with partners, how to prepare good action plan, how to write good report, leadership and characteristics of leaders and leadership skills. I learnt on how to use Johari window as an indicator for personal development, empowering the poor inoder to get involved in Environmental decision making. After the training I did field work with grassroots community of Mpwapwa Districts. I conducted sensitization meeting on Forest policy of 1998 to 50 community members. I was able to participate in different organization activities based on environmental conservation I managed to open tree nursery group known as Mazingira group That operates at DONET Offices and we have 7000 nursered trees.

On 11 July, 2011 I participated in the third module of training. I learnt on how to work with grassroots communities when I am at field. I should know the status and needs of that community. I should work according to the culture of given community and I should be flexible to work at any situation and place. I learnt about environmental rights and environmental education. I t has helped me to take in depth look at issues, make decision and pertaining to environmental conservation. I learnt on how to prepare advocacy strategy and the use of media for advocacy. I had an opportunity to participate in field study tour to learn on how community media makes advocacy for grassroots communities.

Field study tour was done at Simanjiro Arusha within Maasai community. I came to understand how community radio influences social, economic and political development.

I learnt about training need assessment (TNA). I learnt that TNA leads to better preparation of good training manual. From this knowledge I was able to participate in preparation of a training manual of Agro forestry and tree planting within my organization this training manual we expect to use it in training community members of Chololo village in Dodoma in empowering vulnable community to adapt and mitigate effects of climate change project. Moreover I learnt on how to conduct village training.

On 4th October I participated in the fourth module of the training. I learnt three important things for a YET which are attitude, performance and tools. This implies that if I work relaying on these three things can make me bring positive changes to the community as well as at my organization. I learnt project cycle management. I learnt all necessary steps needed to prepare a project. I learn on how to analyse stakeholders, how to prepare project objectives, log frame, and project budgeting, action planning, report writing and monitoring and evaluation. At the moment I have a clear knowledge on how to prepare a proposal.

The only golden knowledge of this training was project cycle management I will use this knowledge by playing great role on ensuring that I play part on sustainability of my organization by being involved in project and proposal writing activities.

I appreciate the contribution of Madam Delphine Mugisha, Madam Julie Madam Ana Makundi and Dr. Rose for their great support of training us to become change agents.

Written by:Anselmo E Wami-YET 2011

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