Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Jane had a dream of going to school from her childhood. She planned that after completing her study she had to go town seek for job. The kind if job she needed to have was white color job. Luck enough she managed to receive her education which based on Agroforest. Jane did not rub her thoughts of having white color job. She decided to go to town looking for white color job.

Jane stayed for six moths without getting job. She blamed her self for being educated without job. She was so much discouraged, she had nothing to do. Life had become very tough to her. She felt shame of going back to her village without being employed. Every person respected her for being educated.

One day when she was passing around City market looking for food she met with her friend John who had 100 bags of maize in a lorry sending it to the market. She thought in her mind that John had become rich even if he was not well educated. ‘Cant I use my skills and knowledge in farming activity and earny more than John? She asked her self in her mind.

John advised Jane to turn back to her village and practice agriculture. “You should try farming. Your elderly parents still have a large piece of land that needs to be cultivated. Iearn my living this way” said John to Jane.

“You are right my life could have been better than it is now”. Replied Jane. Jane decided to turn back to her village where she prepared large farm and she started to practice Agroforest. She opened Youth group and provided her skills to the group members. After five years Jane become a leading rich woman in that village. She had been employed her self through agriculture which went in hand with environmental conservation.

Jane came with new idea that youths should not expect to be employed after their studies, they should be creative and innovative. Her success has brought development in her village. She brought positive changes to her community.

Lesson learnt from the story is that farming not only provides food but also improves livehoods as happened to Jane. We should know that agriculture is the back bone of this economy. Jane practiced Agroforest (Tress and farming)Trees are important in farming and can play a transformative role in rural agriculture. Growing of trees and practicing agriculture on the same piece of land (Agroforest) must be encouraged for a better livehood as it can be more biologically productive, more profitable and be more sustainable than forestry or agricultural monocultures.
YETs let us use our skills to save our grassroots community. We should accept changes like how Jane did positive changes brings great achievements.
Written by
Anselmo Wami-YET 2011

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