Thursday, June 9, 2011


Honestly, we have remained so lonely after your departure our brother Octavian Mushi. Initially it started as a rumours that you will move out of the YET program of WWF-Tanzania programme office, and now it become the truth you’re not with us again.
It is the mourning period for us, we don’t know how will it going to be without you in YET. For the short period of four months we have been together, we learned a lot of things from you which are very important in our carrier pathway. You have been a great mentor and regulator for the whole time to make sure we are delivering to the maximum level. Through your mentorship we are confident and believing that, what we have accrued will be a guiding and supportive tool to us in any working place. We are still remembering your kindness, indulgence and moral support to us. For sure your departure has created a gap and sadness within our group. It is like a pumpkin isolated within the desert, real we will miss you a lot brother. There is no way out, what we need is to confer with the situation. We have nothing to pay you rather than our prayers to God for you. We are wishing you all the best and hope if god wishes we will still continue working together. May God bless you and we are warmly welcoming you to visit us again.
Written by;
Stephen J Nyagonde
National Representative
Young Earth Scientist Network- Tanzania,
Internship WWF Tanzania Office,
Rubeho Environmental Action Project-REAP,
Tanzania Forest Conservation Group (TFCG),
Rubeho, Mpwapwa, Dodoma,
Mobile: +255713058745, +255765111101

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